CCTV Solutions and Specialists

Security Camera installers and suplliers for home use or industrial applications

CCTV for Homes

Analog CCTV is the easiest CCTV to use in and around any home. 

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Small Business CCTV Solutions

Basic business intelligence is possible with easy CCTV upgrades, giving twice the value for one system, Security orientated and business management 

Elara™ FB-Series

Perimeter CCTV Specialists

Protecting your family is important, for the farmer, this desire extends to multiple families and a general community.

Developing security aspect, combined with business intelligence, we are able to provide inclusive  clever security systems providing peace of mind for the farmer, and business owner.


Thermal Cameras

The Relationships with international brands, and Our Commitment to solving problems with locally based security integrating companies. Dedication to create safer communities and peace of mind.

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CCTV Installers

With years of experience and accredited training we will proudly provide installations of high quality.

CCTV Training for end user

We provide training with each installation for our clients, to make sure that our clients gets the best value for money out of their CCTV security systems


Individual Quote

one size fits all does not work when it is your family involved, or your business. therefore each client will receive a custom quote.

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Do you need assistance with a site layout and site design?
Security cameras for your home or maybe for a game farm, we can assist from design and installation, and we provide very competitive maintenance packages. 

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Security is a personal matter, no matter the size of the business or estate. The value of meeting onsite for the end user and client is important. 

Need Support?

Kwaliti CCTV is a proud member of our community, inline with our core ethos we are always prepared to assist where possible. if you just need advice on an existing system or a DIY installation feel free to contact us.

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