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Kwaliti CCTV is based in Pretoria, was started and founded in 2016, our goal with becoming CCTV Specialists was based upon the experiences we had with previous CCTV companies and agencies. Hikvision is the current leader in CCTV in the world, and in South Africa a specialists with Hikvision approved products can deliver value to the business owner. Developing a financial mechanism where we can rent out CCTV Solutions to our clients helped Kwaliti CCTV to quickly rise among the ranks of accredited CCTV Hikvision installers across Southern Africa. Installations ranging from 4 Camera IP Systems to sites exceeding the 300 Hikvision camera mark

At Kwaliti CCTV, we give you the power to know exactly what’s been happening in your business 24 hours a day. Nothing is left to question. The moment an incident occurs you can check your irrefutable record and take the action to make sure it never happens again.

CCTV is even more useful as a deterrent. The mere sight of a camera is enough to make people think twice about their actions. It is most effective if people can see a monitor displaying a live feed. CCTV also deters threats from within your own business, particularly to cash and stock.

CCTV really helps where staff interact with the public. It protects staff, supervises staff, guides training programs, and ensures cash and stock are handled honestly. It is in this area that you will get the greatest payback

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IP CCTV Specialists

Whether being used to manage your company, or for safety of your perimeter. CCTV has proven to be extremely effective in all scenarios of private homes and large properties.

Business in the modern age cannot be without professional CCTV.
Service Level Agreements are vital to the success of any solution.


Cambium Wireless Solutions

Pairing unparalleled performance with tireless innovation, Cambium Networks connects the unconnected with wireless fabric broadband solutions purpose-built for demanding environments and unique challenges – empowering community, enterprise, and progress through connectivity worldwide.

Kwaliti CCTV Specialists

Developing Safer Communities

Developing Solutions for Business, Providing the owner with Management tools.
Creating crime deterrents and Crime prevention measures, Being Actively involved in crime fighting.
Providing High Quality Products with Excellent Service

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What is Turbo HD CCTV?

Turbo HD Camera with HD-TVI Technology Launched by Hikvision. Product in a nutshell: Turbo HD cameras support High Definition Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI) technology that allows users to send uncompressed, high-resolution video over coaxial cable. SA Security Solutions Provides Sales and Maintenance , Upgrades and Repairs. Service level agreements for small too large corporations. With Experience in varied fields of security we are able to combine theses small solutions and develop one complete turnkey solutions for your home or company

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Why Hikvision CCTV Specialists

Why use Hikvision? Hikvision is the world's leading provider of CCTV & Video Surveillance products and solutions. The IoT solution provider with video as its core competence. Being trained and acredited allows Kwaliti CCTV Specialists to have a signiffacant advantage over our competitors

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Based in Pretoria, we specialise in CCTV, Hikvision is our housebrand and we will gladly assist you with safety at your home or business. CCTV Specialists Pretoria, Drop us a line today for a free quote!

Professional from the start, they really do know what they do, Thank you for the assistance, will gladly recommend them 

dankie, julle het my foon sommer vinnig reg opgestel.

Affordable efficient and professional, thank you