What happens when I ask for a quote?

Whether you request a quotation online or over the phone, the process is fairly straightforward and the first step is to discuss your requirements with one of our installers below are the steps listed in detail.

Your installer will take care of everything, acting as a single point of contact for you throughout the process.

If you have a problem, you can speak to a man who can solve it rather than speaking to a call centre.

When you’re happy to go ahead, your installer will book a date that’s convenient for you.

We can usually arrange an install within two weeks, but if you want it sooner, you might want to consider our fast track service

CCTV Installation

Our Sales Professionals will do the design and lay-out, which will enable our installation teams to complete your site from start to commision

With a Combined 35 Years experience in installation, we will assist with repair and completion of and existing site.

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Off-Site Monitoring

Though this is not the core of our business, we have excellent partners across the Southern Africa that assist with this aspect. We will design and install, once commissioned, we will hand over for monitoring. However we will still honour the Service agreement. 

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To complete the installation, On a basic home setup this could be only the setup of the phones for remote connectivity, or on larger sites where the complete server with VMS needs to be setup and each camera needs to be correctly setup. 

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Service Level Agreemant

Various options available, from small business solutions to large sites with staff. We do sub contract for other companies and also inlist companies that we approve to help with any site in South Africa. 

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Design of a basic home CCTV system, or a large scale site design for Thermal camera. We will consult and design a system to meet your requirements. 

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CCTV Equipment and Staff

We will assist in sourcing the correct CCTv equipment for your site, from the basics of just the camera, up to security staff required for a control room.

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Quality Installations allows you to better gain information.

To accomplish these objectives our installation team focus on the following points.

  • Ensuring the installation allows the products to be used to its full potential
  • Adding value to your property
  • Increasing your trust in the surveillance system installed
  • The Installation should Allow for easy upgrading, also making it more cost effective
  • Quality installation will decrease call-outs after warranties expires
  • Less Maintenance needed will save money
  • Giving you peace of mind when installation is finished
  • Providing  trust in the surveillance system installed
CCTV Perimeter
Is it worth getting CCTV at home?
Domestic CCTV can be installed for as little as R5000, so it's potentially a cheap way of improving security at your home. ... It's worth making sure the camera is high enough quality, and a good CCTV installer, which we are, should be able to advise you on the best place to install cameras.
Advantages of CCTV Cameras

The primary advantage is that CCTV acts as a crime deterrent. Potential criminals who see the camera may be dissuaded from following through with their planned criminal activities for fear of being caught on tape. This leads to another advantage of CCTV – increased safety

 What is CCTV?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and refers to one or more cameras linked to a monitoring point and/or recording device.

What is CCTV used for?

CCTV is used for cameras to view an area for the use of Security, Safety or Monitoring.

How will I know what system I need?

The type of system should be designed with the purpose in mind along with environmental conditions. Our surveyors are trained to match the correct equipment to your system’s needs.

What is Digital CCTV?

Digital CCTV refers to the use of the storage medium for the images, typically a hard drive within a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). This is not being too confused with IP video cameras which refer to the transport medium used to connect with the recording device.

What is Video Motion Detection?

This is a type of based Video Analytics. It is able to see movement within the scene and can execute an action; like increase the record rate or email a picture etc… Basic Video Motion is not suited to external use as objects such as trees will cause it to trigger.

Can I view images remotely?

Yes, most DVR’s these days include remote viewing software. All you will need is a broadband line to which the DVR gets connected to.

What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring is the linking of your site to our Video Control room where they can see and control the CCTV whilst having the ability to issue warnings over a speaker system.

What is a DVR?

DVR means Digital Video Recorder. This is the recording device that replaced the old video records that used tapes.

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