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Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Business – 5 Advantages of CCTV

Benefits of CCTV Cameras in Business – 5 Advantages of CCTV
Here, we run through some of the top benefits that this safety system can bring to businesses of all types, and why it is a great thing to have installed at your business premises.

1. Crime deterrent
It goes without saying that having a CCTV camera installed at your premises will act as a serious deterrent to criminals and anyone carrying out illegal activities. The sight of a CCTV camera infers an air of danger and the presence of the law, deterring anyone planning to carry out a crime from doing so.

2. Monitors activities
CCTV systems are able to keep track of what is happening at the premises where they are installed. By monitoring the activity of workers and visitors at your business’ site, you and your workforce can have total peace of mind about exactly what is going on under your roof.

3. Collect evidence
In the unfortunate event of a crime occurring at your premises, having a CCTV system really does pay dividends as it provides a way of collecting evidence to help ‘suss out’ exactly what happened. Crimes can be solved far more easily with additional evidence from a CCTV camera, helping place times, locations and, most importantly, suspects.

4. Decision Making
When it comes to settling disputes, footage from security cameras can be incredibly important. This applies to both domestic and commercial scenarios. Whether it’s dealing with family disagreements, employee feuds or altercations between staff and customers, by referring to CCTV footage, you’ll know the truth.

5. Keep records
It is always a good idea to keep records of when your staff are coming into and checking out of your site, as well as when deliveries are made or visitors enter the building, so you can ensure everything’s running smoothly.

There are many further reasons why CCTV really is an advantageous installation for any business premises, so why not consider getting cameras installed at your company’s site and give yourself and your staff total peace of mind in the safety of your operations?

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Posted by Kwaliti CCTV on Thursday, 23 May 2019

Installing a CCTV system with security cameras in key places will be one of your company’s best and most important management tools.Kwaliti CCTV is this achieved?Showing production growth - Stock losses become smaller - Aid with safety regulation (S.H.E.R.Q.) - Improves managers focus on stock lossesStock losses do take place from inside a companyStock lossesInstalling security surveillance cameras will reduce losses and give you more control as the owner and manager. Important areas of ConcernCashiers points - Entrance - Exits - Dispatch Areas - Receiving areas - StockroomsProductionKeeps your staff on their toes - Stops not required in-between breaks - Single out problem areas in production - Single out lazy staffCCTV Security cameras can add great value to your business. The key is to make use of this tool as often possibleInstalling a CCTV system with security cameras in key places will be one of your company’s best management tools.SafetyYour business has certain safety regulations, even if these regulations are fully met and complied with, injuries and accidents may happen.With your Surveillance system, causes of events can be determined and appropriate action taken.

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Retail CCTV Solutions

Chain Store Solution with the Most Advanced AI Technologies

Hikvision is dedicated to developing the most advanced AI technology and to making it available in affordable, convenient, and vitally effective packages for today's needs. More than just security, the Retail Chain Solution packs the most advanced AI technologies into complete end-to-end solutions for multi-site shopping areas of any kind. Loss prevention, precision marketing, intelligent operation, and more all come together in this flexible and powerful platform.

Security and Loss Prevention

Security & Loss Prevention 

  • Habitual thief recognition
  • Warehouse fire prevention
  • EAS integration
  • VCA detection
  • POS data overlay

Precision Marketing

  • VIP recognition
  • Customer analysis

Intelligent Operation

  • Remote store inspection
  • People counting
  • Queue detection
  • Heat map
  • POS integration

Integrated management


  • Access control
  • Attendance
  • RSM
  • Flexible video storage
  • Maintenance